Building a Nation Requires Bringing Our Young People Home

Building a Nation Requires Bringing Our Young People Home

By Admin on April 2017

DENVER – On April 10, President Russell Begaye provided participants with key components to rebuild tribal nations during his keynote address at the 2017 Indian Biz Expo.

“All tribes need to strategize ways to bring our people back to their communities. Each individual brings essential knowledge from the various work fields they come from,” said President Begaye.

The key to building a strong nation, also relies on the nation’s financial strength. The Navajo Nation is currently moving to establish their own bank.

“When resources are kept on the nation, the economy thrives. As tribes, we need to work together and promote each other in this endeavor to buy and utilize services by those in Indian Country,” said President Begaye.

President Begaye will soon be signing an executive order requiring all programs to utilize Navajo products and services.

Through the creation of the Naat’áanii Corporation, a Navajo-holding company, many corporations will be housed without federal tax on the nation. With a 46% unemployment rate on the nation, there is a job force readily available.

Dual taxation is also a hindrance for the Navajo Nation. This causes many companies to shy away from the nation and diminish the Navajo economy.

“To build up the economy within any tribe, there is a great need for critical infrastructure. We must ensure that power lines, water lines and waste management systems are upgraded to handle the business,” said President Begaye.

On May 2016, President Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez signed the Navajo Nation Permanent Fund Income, Five-Year Expenditure Plan legislation. This plan appropriated $150 million dollars over a five-year time period to fund infrastructure and economic development projects.

“We need to hire more individuals from our own communities. When those individuals come home, their heart is in their work, they go the extra mile to ensure our communities are better,” said President Begaye. “Our people have the skills and intellect to assist us in providing a brighter future for the next generation.”

The 2017 Indian Biz Expo, organized by the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce, provided participants with the skills to promote their businesses.


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