President Begaye Meets with N.M. Agencies at Navajo Nation Reconciliation Meeting

President Begaye Meets with N.M. Agencies at Navajo Nation Reconciliation Meeting

President Begaye Meets with N.M. Agencies at Navajo Nation Reconciliation Meeting

By Admin on April 2017

SHIPROCK, N.M. – On Apr. 21, President Russell Begaye and New Mexico state agencies convened for the quarterly reconciliation meeting for all Capital Outlay and Tribal Infrastructure Fund (TIF) projects for each Navajo Chapter in the State of New Mexico.

“As a nation, we need to make sure these projects are being completed in a timely manner,” said President Begaye. “We are excited to see the projects come into fruition and we appreciate the funding from the State of New Mexico.”

Although the Tribal Infrastructure Fund Board denied extensions for four projects from the Navajo Nation, the Red Valley project will be finished by funds from the Division of Community Development.

“Each chapter is accountable for each project to ensure that each allocation is spent in a timely manner. Infrastructure Development is important to the four pillars for the Begaye-Nez Administration,” said President Begaye.

The reconciliation meeting, which is mandated by New Mexico Executive Order 2013-006, was implemented to ensure that each local government and tribal entity has their annual audit reviewed before an Intergovernmental agreement is made to the respected entity.

“We have been working diligently with other departments to streamline the process. We have also worked with the Navajo Nation Department of Justice to ensure that the projects have the necessary compliances,” said LaTonia Becenti-Johnson, Acting Assistant Attorney General. “Thank you all for your collaboration.”

During the meeting, all project managers, Navajo division representatives, and chapter officials provided updates to the State of New Mexico agency representatives on all capital outlay and TIF projects.

Those agencies that attended the meeting included the Navajo Nation Division of Community Development, Navajo Nation Department of Transportation, Navajo Area on Aging Agency, New Mexico Aging and Long Term Services Department, New Mexico Department of Transportation, New Mexico Environment Department, New Mexico Department of Finance Administration, and the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department.

The To’hajiilee EMS Building project will have an open house on Wednesday, Apr. 27. The Mariano Lake Chapter Bathrooms Additions (16TIF15) invoice was submitted to the state for reimbursement, revisions are required to include a more detailed invoice. The Two Grey Hills Elderly Group Home Parking Lot (16TIF17) will be bidding for construction and a Notice of Obligation will be requested in two to three weeks.

“Continued collaboration and communication is needed amongst the Navajo chapters. We appreciate your commitment to help your constituents. Communication is important to ensure the progress of the projects,” said Executive Staff Assistant Mark Freeland.


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