Thank You Teachers for Molding Our Future

Thank You Teachers for Molding Our Future

By Admin on May 2017

WINDOW ROCK – On May 5, President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez hereby designate May 9 as Navajo Nation Teacher Appreciation Day. Our teachers are crucial to build up our future of the Navajo Nation.

“A teacher impacts the life of a child in a positive way. They introduce our children to a new world through books, songs and history projects,” said President Begaye.

Our teachers are not only those that are teachers at a school, they are our family members, coaches and mentors. They provide us with instruction on how to achieve in every area of our life.

“I appreciate each person and their willingness to teach our students. I also would like to acknowledge all the homeschool moms that teach their children at home,” said Vice President Nez. “By instilling respect and accountability at home, they will grow up to be hardworking and responsible adults.”

Our teachers are one of the hardest workers in the Navajo Nation. They create lesson plans, provide support to those students that require additional help, and volunteer to assist with extracurricular activities.

The Office of the President and Vice President will also be having a teacher appreciation event in Aug. 2017 to provide the teachers with essentials to prepare them for the new school year.

President Begaye and Vice President Nez would like to thank all their teachers from grade school, high school, and college for molding them into the individuals they are today.

President Begaye and Vice President Nez hereby proclaim May 9, 2017 as the official Navajo Nation Teacher Recognition Day throughout the Navajo Nation.


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